Monday, January 10, 2011

Take A Look At My New Scraproom!

I am almost finished with my new scraproom, at least to the point I can post pics.  I still need to do some fine tuning, make labels  and purchase some more cropperhoopper vertical storage and the most tedious part will be wrapping my ribbon around those little scrapbook thingies.  That should take me ages given the fact that I have so much ribbon.

 Without further ado, "Welcome to my new Scraproom"

Pic 1:  As you walk into my room there is a narrow wall and you can see 2 chandeliers I put on the wall.  There is a ribbon going up the wall to appear like a cord.  You cannot see it but I put crystal bling on the chandeliers.

Pic 2:  This is my stamping and die cut table. 

Pic 3:  My fabulous Christmas gift "The Vagabond"  My new favourite toy!

Pic4:  This is my stamping station.  This is the IKEA flip top table, it is just great,  as you can see I store all my stamps in there, it is hard to see but it goes back quite a ways and holds a lot of stuff.  I weeded through my stamps last year and got rid of the ones on blocks.  Tammy suggested I put my small stamps in a CD  case.  All my glitter, inkers etc (everything pertaining to stamping and embossing is in my |Making Memories cabinet above the stamping/diecutting desk. 

Pic 5:  Closeup of inside of flip table.

Pic 6:  This is looking toward the opposite side of the room.  I have a saying on the top of the doors.  You will see a close up of it in the next pic. Behind the doors is the big air exchanger, not much room to store anything.

Pic 7:  These are my priorities in life.

Pic 8:  This is the opposite side of the room.  I have my 4 decorative boxes stacked up and they hold my 7 Gypsy, Teressa Collins and Tim Holtz goodies.

Pic 9:  Sorry, the colour isn't very good.  This cube is beside my workdesk.  It is so nice to be able to print without having to go into another room.  I have my radio (an absolute must for me when I scrapbook) in one of the sections and also my photo papers etc. in another.  Don't you just love the iron decorative dress and my blingy clock!

Pic 10:  This is my work desk.  I just love it.  It is so nice to be able to just roll from the desk to the stamping/diecutting table.  I have kept a cube empty beside my paper towels to put my cutter and tote in.

Pic 11:  This is the expedit cube system from IKEA.  It is just perfect for me.  Each cube holds a ton of stuff.  I purchased the Martha Stewart canvas totes on sale and they fit in there perfectly.  Lots of storage space.

Pic 12:  I just love my turquoise bows on my totes. You know me I just could not leave them plain.

Pic 13: Another pic of storage cubes.  My scrap magazines are in the bottom cubes.

Pic 14:  I put some of my finished albums on the top shelf for decoration.

Pic 15:  Another chandelier I put on the end of my storage cubes and there is a shelf displaying a couple of mini albums and the Nest project we did with "Debbie Schuh" hanging under the shelf.

Pic 16:  This cube holds all of my mini paper stacks with 8 x 8 cardstock along with old dictionary book for tearing.  I could not believe it all fit.  It is so nice to have everything alike gathered in the same place.

Pic 17:  This blew my mind when Tammy and I were finished.  I had a clear shoe bag holding my bling.  Once we took it all out of the packaging it all fit in this one basked.  Amazing!!  It is unbelievable how much room packaging takes up.

Pic 18:  This has never happened since the day I started scrapbooking.  All my cardstock is sorted and in one place.  I even have a section for patterned card stock.

Pic 19:  Now this was a pain in the butt.  Tammy and I removed all the brads and dodads, buttons etc from the cards and they are all sorted in 8 bins.  My thumb and finger are still sore from all that.  When Tammy left on the third day I had 2 full green garbage bags full of packaging.  

Pic 20:  This tote holds all my Tim Holtz dies and folders.  The cuttlebug ones are in a separate container behind that one.  As Tammy says "All like things together".

Pic 21:  I decided to sort my paper mainly by manufacturer and then have a miscellaneous section.  I purchased a couple of cropper hopper vertical storage systems for my paper and they work well.  I just have to wait until my budget allows and buy more.

Pic 22:  I couldn't resist adding in this pic.  It is on the shelf above my work desk.  It is my buddy Nancy and I having 2 big martini's (my glass is as big as Nancy's, I guess this was a glare when I took the pic, the original is just fine).  This was just before we arrived in Buffalo for CKC last May and Sharon said "You are not driving, I am"  We arrived safe and sound with Sharon driving as Nancy and I giggled all the way and even during registration.

I hope I haven't bored you too much.  I wish the pics could have turned out a little better, but I didn't have time to photoshop them.  I truly want to thank Tammy for her amazing organizational skills.  She showed me things that I did not think were possible.  I never saw anyone able to put so many things in a small space and work so amazingly fast. If any of you are considering revamping or reorganizing you scraproom, I highly recommend hiring Tammy.  It was the best money I ever spent.  I am now organized and don't have to look in 10 different places for one item.

Now the challenge is to keep it that way!!!!!!!!


  1. Looks awesome Lorrie! I'll take 2! =)
    BTW your ribbon cards should be in tomorrow after 2pm-ish. Happy Wrapping!


  2. Wow Lorrie! Your happy place is amazing! Love it!

  3. Fantastic! Looks awesome!

    So...whatca aking in the new room?

    Don't you feel inspired?

  4. beautiful!!! I love your colour scheme, and GREAT taste in "wall art!" makes me giggle all over again looking at that last pic!!

  5. Very swanky Lorrie! I love the bling chandeliers! You and Tammy made your room look absolutely fabulous! Yeah for you! Keep on blinging! Karen XXXXOOOO

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